Executive Rock (Imp appaloosa)

Rocky August 2011

Rocky is a 93% FPD American homozygous (meaning that he will actually reproduce the spotted colour in his offspring!) sorrel few spot appaloosa stallion, imported directly from France. Rocky has size, temperament, bloodlines, conformation and movement to become a superb sport horse of note. Rocky's bloodline boasts some of the finest Proven champion show, Halter, and Top Performance horses of all time. Rocky's bloodline is unique in South Africa and exclusive to the Painted Appaloosa Stud. Rocky has proven himself to be a top producer that sires foals consistently with good qualities to most type mares. He also adds that refined, doll face to all his foals with exceptional colour.

Rocky has a lot of character and we have formed such a strong bond with this horses that I doubt he will ever leave the stud. He loves to play/show off and one can only appreciate this horse's beauty in real life. He is amazing to watch. One can see Spanish blood oozing through with looks of a Lippizaner and Levade movement coming natural to this young man. He is moves effortless under saddle with a willing kind nature always wanting to please.

His foals from approved Thoroughbred, American QuaterHorse, pure Arabian and Warmblood mares may be eligible for registration with the Appaloosa Horse Club in Moscow, Idaho as well as the Appaloosa Horse Breeders Society of South-Africa.

Rocky has been used in combination with only a few selected mares and has proven himself each time to be an exceptional sire of high quality offspring with incredible minds to work with. Painted Black Pearl Rock, his first daughter, has started her competitive career and has already achieved a few rosettes under saddle!

Painted Black Pearl Rock-first daughter
November 2013

A few of his offspring:



For more information regarding this magnificent stallion please contact the Painted Appaloosa stud.


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The King of Rock

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Abdull''s Pok-A-Son

Arapahoe Star

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King Plaudit (World Champion)

Red Plaudit

Cheyenne Maid

Sugar Bee Bars

Sugar Bars

Jezebell W

Ten Copies


The Executive (World Champion)

Dial Bright Too (World Champion)

Dial Right Time

Going to Flame (World Champion)

Go Bay Go (World Champion)

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