Foals 2013

We decided that we would like to give ALL our mares a break in 2013 to wean their 2012 foals and to enjoy them as riding horses since they have always been under saddle, but seldom get a year off to only enjoy constructive work! Normally we would rotate our mares so that one or two gets the year off.  It was an amazing year and we got to experience how fantastic our broodmares really are and again why we have selected them over the years. We even won a few all breed ridden shows with them! Not to mention all the stud clients we could take on our beautiful mountain rides. Sometimes 7 clients at once! They really got to experience how well behaved our mares are and what fantastic riding horses they are. A fit, healthy mare that receives daily attention is a happy horse and it carries over to the foal and of course you get to add more happy life years to your mare!

We are however very happy to announce that 2014 will be a good year in terms of foals. We have almost 8 foal due and the first ones start foaling end of July 2014.

Taking the mares for a swim!


Mountain rides!

Beach ride!