Foals 2007


Photo taken at 4 months of age

Tudor is a magnificent dark bay near leopard colt with big spots turning more black. He has got a strong hind quarter and beautiful neck. Nicely coupled with straight conformation. Wonderful disposition and very confident. Will mature to be a sporthorse of note. Tudor is by Alpha Waps Pistachio out of Nehemenuh Hapstin.

He has been sold!

We are glad to report that Tudor has started his ridden career with his new owner, Mavourneen from Johannesburg. He is showing a natural talent for classical dressage and doing exceptionally well.


(THEN) Photo taken at just 2 months of age.

(NOW!) Photo of Liaison at the national championships!

We are proud to announce our first foal from Vixenvale Foreign Affair. A beautiful tall, dun near leopard colt with impeccable conformation and temperament. He will mature to be 16.1hands tall.  He is out of a 16.2hand mare Foreign Affair and by Wap's Pistachio that is standing at 16hands. This colt will be suitable for show jumping and dressage.

Congratulations to Hayley Smith with the purchase of Liaison. Here is what Hayley has to say about her new horse-Liason :

"I have had horses in my life for close to thirty years now and Liaison (aka Lee) is by far the highest quality horse that I have had the privilege to own. His quality is made up of an excellent conformation, a wonderful, stable and happy temperament as well as complete heath and wellbeing too. Liaison had to endure a VERY long trip from CT to JHB – without any stops, plus experiencing a blow-out on the truck during the journey. He arrived in JHB late at night and settled almost immediately. Marna, this is thanks to your excellent up-bringing and handling.Liaison is a friendly horse who loves people – and his food tooJ. He arrived very well socialised and become a herd member without any fuss. He plays most of the day with his new brothers.Lee has been to his first training show with me; and what a wonderful experience that was! He loaded and travelled like a dream and stole everyone’s attention at the show – with the photographers being right at the top of the listJ. He did very well too – against Stallions of All-Ages and All-Breeds.He is a very special boy; and I will not part with him for the world"

Dark Knight

This striking black colt is the perfect combination of athleticism, presence, temperament, height and colour to become a superb stud stallion or sport horse. He is 3/4 appaloosa and 1/4 warmblood (sebastian). He is out of our leading mare Alabama and by Les Cevaux Chabris. Alabama is a top quality mare that produces off spring with the same qualities and even better. He will be registered at an age of 2 years old.

Congratulations to Liss with the purchase of Dark Knight, Here is what Liss has to say about her new horse:
"Knighty is doing sooo well! I love him! He is such a sweety and wow does he demand attention! Everytime im busy in the stables with my other horses he comes up to the gate ( as he is in the paddock connecting to the stables) and neighs non-stop till I give in and give him a treat and some love! But i must say his voice ahsnt broken yet as he sounds like a little moaning girl! I LOVE IT!! He got the biggest stable ( the breeding stable) next to his new best friend, Ghost wind another appaloosa sport horse gelding. As i ahvent started working him yet he is always the last left in the paddock, oh and how he hates that! He cant stand being alone, he runs up and down calling with his high pitched voice! Everytime I see him I fall back in love with him! His legs are just getting longer and longer in proportion to his body. He is still nice and fluffy and losing his winter coat ny the second, after I play (oh and how he loves to play! he runs up and down chasing me as if we playing tag!! ) with him i swear I look like like a heiry ware-wolf! :)I must thank-you again for all your patience and help with the transportation etc. he is really my dream horse! and thank-you for the love you give your youngsters from day one! It really shows in their personality and how they love people and trust them! I love that, he has no fear in the world!"

Summer Rain

Photo taken at 1.5 months of age

Summer Rain is a top quality appaloosa sporthorse filly with the best of both Appaloosa and Warmblood characteristics. Tall, striking and loads of personality! She has a modern up hill build with good bone and good length of rein. This filly is just perfect in everyway! The Painted Appaloosa Stud will keep her back for future breeding/showing purposes. Summer Rain is out of Bluegum Mirror Image (16.0hands studbook proper appaloosa mare) and by M.O.T Diaghilev. Diaghilev is a top class licensed Trakehner warmblood stallion, owned by Karen Koep, with strong hindquarter, excellent paces and exceptional temperament. His blood line includes international names like Kir Royal, St Pr Highwell Fleuron, Holme Grove Dynasty and Holme Grove Solomon. Not for sale! Have another look at her on the mare pages!

Summer Rain at her first BIG show, Horse of the year 2011

Deep Red

(THEN) Photo taken at 4 months of age

(NOW!) Photo taken by Tracy Robinson at Mirja's place in Constantia.

Deep Red is truly a magnificent colt with flawless conformation and super disposition. He is confident and will mature to be a top class sporthorse that will stand at about 16hands. He is by Alpha Waps Pistachio out of Nightingales Blue Doll.

Congratulations to Mirja with the purchase of Deep Red. Here is what Mirja has to say about her new horse-Deep Red :

"an incredible youngster with excellent movements, naturally balanced and collected, floating movements, large frame, honest and reliable. An excellent riding horse with the temperament of a family pet. Deep Red is top class breeding and can easily excel in all disciplines. An example of fine breeding! Thanks to Marna for this amazing contribution!"

Red doing his first dressage test with German rider-Katja.

Free Spirit


Photo taken at 1 day of age

Free Spirit is a Appaloosa sporthorse colt bred for showjumping and dressage. Good conformation and exceptional temperament. He is out of a THb mare called Looking Swell (Bush Telegraph), by Les Cheveaux Blanc Noir (studbook proper appaloosa stallion). 

Congratulations to Rose with the purchase of Free Spirit where he will be used for Dressage when of age