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If you have any queries regarding this website or our magnificent horses feel free to contact us at the specific contact divisions.

If we do not reply to your email within 2 days it could be because of technical difficulties, please feel free to re-send us your e-mail.

Contact: Marna Smith, owner and manager of the Painted appaloosa stud.

Qualifications: BSc in animal science and MSc in animal breeding (US).

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Postal Adress: The Painted Appaloosa Stud, P.O Box 52, Botriver, 7185

Telephone nr: 028-2849 948  Mobile nr: 083 232 7636

Please do keep in mind we do not always have cell phone reception on the farm so please do leave a message if you do not get hold of us and we will return your call.

Or International

Telephone nr: +27 2849 948  Mobile nr: +27 832327636